Kliban Cat Bank

Submitted by Bob Ramsdell February 11th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

In the 6O’s and 7O’s, the Kiliban Cat cartoon was  on everything, tee shirts, coffee cups, postcards, etc.  The Kliban cartoon, drawn by Bernard “Hap” Kliban, was a cartoon in Playboy magazine from 1962 until 1975.  The cat always had a sort of blank stare and always wore tennis shoes.  I have had this bank from the late 60’s and  have used it for a “piggy” bank.

5 Responses to “Kliban Cat Bank”

  1. Allee Willis

    I never got into Kliban but there’s absolutely no denying that this cat was all over the place in his day. So he definitely deserves his Certifikitsch. I think he looks great as a bank, nice and puffy with the same kind of shoes that I wear.

  2. Douglas Wood

    You would be amazed at how collectible the Kliban cats are. I don’t collect them myself but whenever I find one at a garage sale I buy it and sell it on eBay. I once sold a Kliban salt and pepper shaker set for over $200.00. By the way, B.Kliban’s non-cat cartoons are off-beat and wonderful and have influenced many a cartoonist. “Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head” and “Whack Your Porcupine” are particularly good. He had a twisted and inventive mind.