My Kissing Pug – a little video clip

Submitted by denny February 17th, 2011
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I know this is nutty but when I told a buddy of mine out in LA that my Pug goes crazy about licking chins, he didn’t believe me.  Here is the proof.  WITHOUT fail this dog does this every single night when lounging.  I have no idea what it is about chins.  It’s not like I have food on my face or anything like that, he simply goes nutty for the chin.  I hesitated in posting this as it’s not the most flattering camera angle and I was in lounge mode doing my homework.  I obviously had to take a break.  What is funny about this video clip is that the koo-koo clock goes off in the background.  This is our rescue Pug and his name is “Wasabi”.

11 Responses to “My Kissing Pug – a little video clip”

  1. Allee Willis

    SO CUTE! Too bad Wasabi doesn’t have a razor attached to his tongue. You’d never have to shave.

    Does he wake you up licking your chin?

    Does your chin get chafed?

    Are the bells in back an ice cream truck? More for Wasabi to lick.

  2. denny

    If Wasabi had a razor on his tongue I would never have facial hair. He only does this when we are winding down for the evening and our chins never get chafed. The “bell-type” sound in the background is actually the koo-koo clock that is in the living room which just adds to the insanity of being licked for a half an hour by a pug.

  3. Karen

    Really cute video. Maybe has an itchy tongue? That is my one guess.

    And of course as the video is rolling I am admiring the lamp behind you. Do you have two or just the one?

  4. Kyle Dayton

    I’ve heard that when puppies are taken away too early from their mother, or otherwise neglected, tend to have unusual obsessive behaviors when they’re older. But it could be that Wasabi just adores you.

  5. denny

    Awww Kyle.

    We were living in Orlando, Florida and my Pop had come down to visit us. I took him to the local SPCA. When we were leaving a car pulled up and two people got out with Wasabi in their arms. I asked if they were going inside to drop him off. When they told me that they were, I asked if I could talk to them and told them I had large, enclosed yard and that he would be very happy at our house. They handed him over to me, got in their car and left. He was in our home in 1/2 an hour. They said allergies and the fact the woman’s son had left her with this little dog were the reasons they dropped him off.

    Allergies or not, I could never do that. So yes, Wasabi is another one of my successful rescue stories.