“For the Love of Kitsch” Party Photos!

Submitted by Rusty February 18th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

As promised, here are some of my party photos. I’ll start with the “pre-Rusty had some wine” photos as they get blurrier and blurrier as the night goes on.

Below is not only a delicious Fluff display but our own souvenir of Alameda, Neptune Beach Brand’s “Mermaid in a Can”.  We will be selling them soon! Stay tuned on that one.

WWJE? (What would Jesus Eat?) Fluffernutters, of course!

Amazing goodies in the breakfast nook…and love how the “Make it Right with LARD” pamphlet is right behind it all.

More food photos. It really was quite the spread!

This is Candy, my vintage female mannequin torso and she presents to you Cake Bites by Baby Doe.  While helping Kooky Kitsch’s Jessica go through her stuff in preparation for the tv show, I found a bunch of “I heart” type shirts and other items. We decided to bring them all to the “For the Love of Kitsch” shindig. Candy wears the “I heart Mr. Darcy” shirt. I have no idea who Mr. Darcy is. There is also an “I heart boys” headband and a “I heart you” pix frame.

Now this last one is just adorable I think. We had been doing the group shots and I decided to bring out my wide angle lens to get some fun shots. Here’s the first…

From left to right, Baby Doe, Karen Finlay, Allee Willis (naturally!) and Meshugga Mel.

More later, y’all!

All photos by Rusty Blazenhoff

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