5 Responses to “kitty pedeeeeeecure”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love these though my cats won’t tolerate them. I want them to have beautiful paws and to make nice to their mother, Nibbles, who they torture with their natural nails.

    I absolutely love that the pink nails are on the white feet with the pink pads and the purple nails are reserved for the darker fur.

    Are the paws resting on another kitty? Otherwise that’s a wierd twist for the kitty to be on resting on his/her own tummy, no?

    • Allee Willis

      Having tried to convince my cats to wear these once, they slip on the nails. With this said, you have to have a nearly comatose cat for them to allow these to “slip on”. Same thing with the thing I bought off TV once where you’re supposed to be able to grind your cats nails down with this vibrator looking thing that has a little pumice wheel at the end of it. My cats wouldn’t stand for the noise or vibration for more than .03333 seconds.

      • BeeJay

        Aren´t those thingies called “Soft Paws”? I´ve seen them a couple of times on internet pages, but I don´t think we have them here in europe, at least not in germany. They look very cute in those colors, but my three cats would not tolerate them either. Also – mine get a fit everytime hubby switches on the razor, if I tried to shape their nails with something you described – no way!
        My cats have an own little funky room where they can work on their own furniture and thankfully they do so. Declawing is illegal since about 30 years here and I´m glad!