9 Responses to “Sexy Pink Armadillo Attack!”

  1. Allee Willis

    Brilliant!! I’m going to try that one day when I feel particularly sexy.

    Now we MUST get that show here in the States. One of the youtube comments says it’s from Kikaida, Episode 24.

      • Douglas Wood

        Oh my god, you’re right! I have to list some of them here because they’re just as good as some of the bad translations we’ve seen at AWMoK. In fact some of them are so bizarre they sound like avant garde Haiku:

        The Messenger of Underworld is the Terrifying Grey Rhino King

        Monster Blues Kong has a Great Struggle

        Carmine Spider Laughs to Ghastly

        Death Agony! Bewitching Bird Red Condor

        Scorpion Brown’s Human Explosion to Gone Mad

        Harshness Witch Silver Cat

        Great Genie Silver Turtle Calls Out 3 Monsters

        Woman Crimson Jellyfish Invites to the River Styx

        Great Violent Strategy Vision of Black Chameleon

        Grim Reaper Beast Horseshoe Crab Rouge Appears!

        Ruthless Green Paddy Turtle’s Skull Plan!!

        Brutality! Purple Squirrel’s Poison Fangs
        White Sawshark’s 12 Times Nightmares

        Yellow Doodlebug: 3 Sibling Meeting!

        Woman of Demons?? Pink Armadillo (Sounds like this one is the one whose clip I submitted)

        Brittle Orange Snail: Whistle of Murder

        Green Mammoth: Earth Freezing Strategies!!

        Violet Turban Shell’s Bad Love

        Red Demon Stingfish Cries for a Baby!

        Sponge Green has Revived 3 Times

        Red Treacherous: Aiming Beautiful Female College Students

        Calling for Jiro’s Death: Octupus Bright Golden Yellow

        Blue Electric Eel Lights Up His Bad Arms
        Atrocious Demonface Crab Red: Curse of Law

        Child-Taking Monster: Black Echidna

        The End of Jiro’s Electromagnetic End!

        Watch Out, Jiro! Function Perfection Interruption!!

        Heroic Jiro: Analyzing the Air!

  2. windupkitty

    holy crap, i’ve never seen this and i am completely in love with it…i’m definitely looking this up…i am a devoted z movie/tv show fan, but i don’t know much about japanese films/tv except what i’ve found on youtube….of course there are the well known films and an occasional Sandy Frank marathon has taken place in my living room over the years….but this, this is incredible.thanks so much for sharing this and making me abetter person! oh yeah, it’s nice how the armadillo still has a fairly pronounced rack…..will the sexiness never end???? little armadillo minx!

  3. Douglas Wood

    I’m also a fan of Z movies and this one has a few quintessential Z movie attributes:

    — the bad looping so that sound comes out of the pink chick’s closed mouth

    — the lack of continuity in the shots where the car goes over the cliff and the body falls

    –the ridiculous transformation of the armadillo into a ball

    Gotta love ’em.

  4. Allee Willis

    I’m doing what I rarely do and going back and retroactively awarding this clip the Classique D’ Camembert, AWMOK’s highest honor. Upon watching it again it’s brilliance struck me even more than when I originally saw it yesterday. From the lumpy and ill fitting costume -excellent shot starting at :08 -, to the excellent camera pull-ins, to the all too loud bird chirping, to the bad overdubbing, to the kuru kuru kuru kuru kuru kuru cheerleading chant, to the heroine’s hula hooping pelvis moves to turn into the armadillo, to propelling herself down the hill as a big rubberband ball, her maniacal laugh, to bouncing off the truck yet it still falls over a massive cliff, to the truck driver doing trampoline flips and miraculously landing in front of the hideously executed crafts project, bruise colored armadillo, to that final Scarlet A kiss from her penis mouth, this is sheer beauty in 1:11 seconds.

  5. Douglas Wood

    Thanks for the delayed Classique D’ Camembert– better late than never, I always say! I like to think that the award’s quirky retroactive status will be deemed as more valuable by kitsch historians of the future.