4 Responses to “Voodoo doll and instruction book”

  1. Allee Willis

    Voodoo always scared me so I stay far away. Even though this is much more appealing looking than most voodoo things I see. I prefer to just leave this in the pretty box and look at the funny little green man and admire the excellent font used for “the voodoo kit”.

  2. Bren

    I do have more pictures of some of the pages in the book. There is some great drawings as well. I have never taken the dool out of the box, thinking unopened it may be worth something someday. I really want to take it out thought, there r markings on it I can’t see through the box.

  3. Bren

    You got it Allee! Just for you. I little voice tells me NOT to poke it with anything, just cuddling it with my cat! 8-)

    Well, got to get the doll ready for it’s first photo shoot!