1950’s handpainted Mexican circle skirt!

Submitted by sparkleneely February 23rd, 2011
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I have a new rule:  When invited to a party where the illustrious and fabulous Allee Willis will be, when in doubt of what to wear, don a 1950’s hand-painted Mexican circle skirt!  I have a collection of them, and they make every occasion (even the workday) all the more glamorous and kitsch.  This one I got at a clothing swap (I know — my friend is LOCO for giving up this beauty!) and it’s one of my favorites, especially when paired with vintage red cowgirl boots.  Now it has sentimental value, because it’s what I was wearing when I met Allee!  (Thank you, Allee, for asking me to submit!)

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  1. Allee Willis

    I’m so happy (“doin the Neutron Dance”. I always feel compelled to sing that whenever I hear someone utter “I’m so happy” as the phrase did so well for me!). No, I’m REALLY so happy seeing this skirt in full view as everytime anyone looks at party photos from the Clean House/For the Love of Kitsch party the first thing they want to know about is the skirt. Which is EXCEPTIONAL! And in such unbelievable condition.

    I love how the two colors meet on the waistband. Especially because it doesn’t look like that shade of blue is used anywhere else on the skirt.

    Now you know that I want to see all of your painted skirts. And I wouldn’t mind a good look at that lamp in back of you. And what’s on those little wrought iron legs under the left side of the skirt? I probably want to see everything you own as one look at you and you can see you have exceptional taste. Not to mentioned your excellently manicured bangs…

    To see this skirt in party action go here: https://www.alleewillis.com/awmok/kitschenette/2011/02/17/allee-willis-kitsch-o-the-day-junk-food-supreme-at-a-kitsch-lovers-party/

  2. denny

    Gorgeous. If I could get away with wearing this, I would in a heartbeat. It’s beautiful.
    My original back piece (my tattoos) were originally inspired by this hawaiian image.
    I have since covered up my hula girl and covered my entire back in an asian back piece.

    I love your glasses too by the way!

  3. sparkleneely

    Thanks so much, everybody! It’s a stunner, that’s for sure! I’ll submit more soon. (And I highly recommend that every gal should have a skirt like this in her closet — it makes the ubiquitous “little black dress” oh-so-staid. And the repros are just as fun and easy to find in thrifts and places like Buffalo Exchange. It makes you want to say, “Ole!”

    Allee, that lamp is amazing — I’ll have to send a photo in. And behind me is a bullet planter. We went to an estate sale and as we were walking in, my friends were walking out with a few of them. I think I shrieked and they said, “Want this one?” Um, YEAH!

    I have the nicest friends. Including Mimi above, who is the ultimate Dish Queen. You should see HER stuff — to die for!

  4. shirlie williams

    OMG I love this skirt..its just glorious…its very difficult in the uk to find gems like this without paying an arm and a leg.
    Fab hairstyle by the way …

  5. k2dtw

    Wonderful!!.. I’ve been waiting for your post, even more beautiful than I anticipated!!!!!!!! Did you find it at Buffalo Exchange?? So many exciting vintage clothing shows all over the country, do you go to any of the CA shows?

    • sparkleneely

      Oooh, thank you! It’s a looker! I didn’t find this at Buffalo (but I’ve seen the sequin repros there and they are so cute!) — I got it at a CLOTHING SWAP. My friend gave it up! I was the lucky recipient. :)

      So many shows, but I don’t go that often — I worked in a vintage store for almost 10 years, so I have a TON of clothes. Okay, I don’t FIT into them all anymore… But that’s why I love these Mexican circle skirts because they’re adjustable!