EXTRA LARGE DONKEY PARTY with 25 donkey tails ready to punch out….a $1.00 purchase!

Submitted by denny February 23rd, 2011
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I found this game for a whole $1.00. Found it at one of the church thrift shops that I don;t usually go to on a daily basis. The game is made in Racine , Wisconsin but there is no year anywhere on this product. I don’t think this group of children look like very nice kiddies. I always hated these games as the kids would almost always spin my ass way too fast and my lack of balance would step in! Okay, I’m digressing again…….

Where is he going to stick tail number 4?

Donkey party made by Whitman Publishing Company.

The actual donkey poster is huge and is made of surprisingly sturdy paper.

The tails.

5 Responses to “EXTRA LARGE DONKEY PARTY with 25 donkey tails ready to punch out….a $1.00 purchase!”

  1. Allee Willis

    Don’t even ask how many times I played this game as a kid. Though my favorite thing was punching out the donkey’s tails from the paper. I was never actually very good at playing the game. I had no patience being blindfolded and spun around. But I liked the game enough so that I adapted it 1 trillion different times at parties I threw in my adult life, planting different inappropriate things on blown up photos. No one ever seems to get tired of this stupid game. Sometimes stupid things are the most everlasting.

    • Allee Willis

      If only I didn’t have a father who threw everything like that out I would be happy to post them. But, alas, unless any of my relatives have them lying around I am photoless and, therefore, donkeyless.

  2. denny

    I’m sorry about that. Well at least we have awmok and I’m sure the chances of seeing kiddie party pics here are pretty good.

    Don’t fret, it’s actually in one of the “A” boxes. I have one box in my car to be shipped and one started here in the house.

    You are not donkeyless.