5 Responses to “1967 Home Furnishings Guide”

  1. Allee Willis

    There was no better period for home furnishings than this. Still influences of the Atomic Age with Mod and Psychdellia nipping at its heels.

    Love the rock wall, which actually looks like it might be molded plastic. Even better.

    Denny, I still don’t think you’ve ever hit the library Tiki Hut Book Nook over here. The period decorating books will make you weep.

  2. denny

    Hey K2. I took this from a magazine. I think it was Life, Look or Newsweek. I found several magazines in my basement that I am shipping out to “Willis Wonderland”. I just quickly went through them. I love the 60’s even though I was born in ’65, I sure can appreciate all that the 60’s had to offer.

    Transport me back to the 60’s please!