7 Responses to “For Douglas Wood- Allee and Pee Wee”

  1. Douglas Wood

    Aww, thanks for the special link! What great photos! Your association/friendship with PeeWee makes perfect sense– you share a similar sensibility– and in both of your work there’s a unique blend of innocence and edge, an effective combination– as evidenced by both of your devoted (almost fanatical) fan bases.

  2. Mark Milligan

    Fantastic pictures.

    I’ll never in my life forget going to see “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” with some of my buddies at 1 o’clock on a Friday afternoon, playing hookie from work.

    I was totally hooked. I laughed until my cheeks hurt, and tears were streaming down my eyes.

    So when he did the series on Saturday mornings, I made it a point to watch it with the kids!

  3. k2dtw

    Pictures are so great!!!.. You guys look so great and there are so many fab pieces!!… The twin sofas are to die for. Is the sling on the butterfly chair cowhide? Are the black/white zebra like figures from a calif pottery???…so cool!!!