Art Deco Man’s Tie Rack Wardrobe Planner

Submitted by Nessa March 4th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

For the confused vintage man unable to dress himself properly, comes this fantastic tie rack that I picked up last summer.

It’s a tie rack with a little knob in the middle… to tell you what color tie you should wear with what color shirt with what color suit…. it’s very awesome.

Metal arms stick out…

Rust tie, white or tan shirt, brown suit… no blue ties with your brown suit!

Ooh.. mixing it up with a black and red tie… but don’t even think about wearing a shirt that isn’t white or gray with your brown, gray, or blue suit.

Wow, these colors sure are boring… what can you wear your Sponge Bob tie with?

Green tie with green suit is about as colorful as it gets.

6 Responses to “Art Deco Man’s Tie Rack Wardrobe Planner”

  1. Allee Willis

    I have this exact same tie holder! Although I have it stored away, I’m very sentimentally attached to it as it was one of my very earliest possessions when I started collecting.

    I got very into wearing ties with my vintage shirts when I first started having hit records at the tail end of the 70’s. I totally remember pulling a 1940’s tie with the Ford logo on it off of this thing when I went to write “September”.

    I eventually had to retire this rack when I got too many ties and it became impossible to move the little metal hangers. Someone also set a drink on it once when I had taken it down and I almost had a heart attack because it’s made out of textured cardboard and I thought it would leave a ring. By a miracle it didn’t. I believe that was because of the power of love imbued in it as I loved it so much!