Does this qualify as Kitsch?

Submitted by LuciferLazerus March 4th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

Dear Allee,
Love the site, glad I found it, not sure how but hey, AWESOME!

As an artist, I often look at what I guess some people would see as junk and think – I can customize that or that’s boring, I can modify that.  So in the last year I’ve been doing just that and have found something I enjoy besides my painting, and that’s modifying shoes to be one of a kind.  But when I found this site and saw a pair of shoes on it…which I think were mass produced product (not sure), I wondered if my self proclaimed, awesome, shoe mods were considered Kitsch and if it was, is that a good thing?

I don’t want to flood the post with more pictures, but more can be found on my website, you tube and these are for sale on Ebay.  Regardless of where these are posted…are these Kitsch and is that a good thing?

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  1. Allee Willis

    Yes, definitely kitsch in my book as they veer so off of the norm in trying to call attention to themselves and they definitely succeed. These are pretty great. So these are shoes that you adapted? If so, what are those soles made out of? They’re really great looking. Also the little clips on the shoes (or are they not clips?)

    Would love to see more of your shoes. Do a separate post for each pair. And if we can get larger photos, up to 550 pixels wide, that would be great. And before and after, as well as in process, shots would be really great.

    How many pairs have you made?

    • LuciferLazerus


      These are adapted from a rather generic manufacturer. These are 8 inch platforms, originally black, all man made materials. Theses are officially the first pair (at least the pair that survived my modifications), and no, those aren’t clips…they are VERY REAL number 9 utility razors.

      I’ll provide a couple of more pics along with a before, during and after.
      Thanks for the award…but I’m still uncertain about exactly what Kitsch is, regardless, I’ll proudly post the award on my website. Thanks!!!