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More of the Kitsch you requested – More shoes!!

Submitted by LuciferLazerus March 5th, 2011
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Hello again Allee,

And thanks for such a cool site.

As per your request, I’ve uploaded another photo of my custom modified Lucifer Lazerus Hooker Heels…yes, that’s the official name, unless you want to call them Kitsch-vicerators…maybe for your site.

Anyway, here’s another photo one during the process and another after.  Hope its Kitschee enough for ya.



I almost bought a ceramic frog to customize with razor blades…what do you think?

3 Responses to “More of the Kitsch you requested – More shoes!!”

  1. Allee Willis

    Thanks for the before and after shots.

    I realized long ago that as an artist I was actually more interested in the in-process shots then I was in the finished product. I’m the same way about songs. I document every single inch of the writing and recording, both in audio and in text, as it’s the creative process that I’m most interested in. And it was creative process I wanted to master so I’d be interested in every step and how I arrived there, as opposed to being tortured because I wasn’t finished and couldn’t see the way to the end clearly. So ever since I started doing art in 1983 I too step by step shots because I could look back and see how my mind worked making a piece. Next time you do a pair of shoes I’d love to see the raw starter shoe and then a shot every time you do a major step.

    Did these originally come with the razor blades or is this the first shot after you already started working on the shoes?

  2. LuciferLazerus

    The shoes are a stock pair. The first photo shows the shoes after I embedded the razor blades. At this point the shoes were scuffed/sanded and primed then the slits for the razors were cut in and the razors then mounted.

    I’d love to share more pics of the process, but then I’d be divulging my trade secrets.