San Jose Fluff Lover’s Convention

Submitted by Rusty March 7th, 2011
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AWMOK aKitschionados, Meshugga Mel, Kooky Kitsch (Jessica) and me, Rusty Blazenhoff drove to San Jose yesterday to surprise Susan Olsen with jars of Fluff! She was at the show to meet n’ greet with fans and sign autographs.  Here are some photos from our expedition…

Kooky Kitsch’s Jessica finds a very appropriate lenticular button at the show.

The show was almost over, so while we waited to talk to Susan, we decided to get some shots of us at the show (and purchase things we hadn’t intended to…sigh).

Mel found a new Godzilla at the show. Interested in seeing how he will dress this one :)

Jessica took all kinds of pictures of some of the cooler items at the show. This was a Batman ‘Fruit Drink” carton with a cut out mask on the side that reads “HEY, KIDS- CUT THIS OUT”.

For my boyfriend, Ken, I took this shot of 19

. The “World’s Smallest Falsies” one came home with me to put in our man cave bathroom. (How could I not get it, I mean really.)

Then it was time to pose (and talk) with Susan with all our show finds…and Fluff, of course.

She greeted us with, “You’re ALLEE’S PEOPLE!” Then the fun really began…

Mel offered to take Susan and her lovely pal from Precious Paws, Georgyne, to the airport but first, a stop at Psycho Donuts in downtown San Jose! Needless to say, there was some honking.

If you have never been there, it’s totally worth a trip! The staff are cute women dressed like nurses in an insane asylum and all of their donuts are themed. This one is “Tequila Sunrise” and has something called ‘tequila creme’ in it.

Mel ordered the 14″ Donut Pizza. So wrong, yet so right.

You are looking at Nestle Crunch bars, Cocoa puffs, Oreos, and Nilla Wafers on top of a giant donut.

Of course, we had to crack open some Fluff.

Georgyne got a little ‘psycho’ over this Fluff donut creation.

Then we were ready for the padded room. Feeling a little insane…mostly from sugar.

Susan and I fought over the last jar of Fluff in the padded room. She won.

Then they released us from the donut asylum so we could further enjoy our Fluff donut pizza.

Special thanks to Allee who wasn’t there but was DEFINITELY there in spirit and was behind making this happen!

19 Responses to “San Jose Fluff Lover’s Convention”

  1. Allee Willis

    Needless to say, I’m completely crazy over this post. I love that you all got together in search Susan/iamfluff/Cindy Brady and that it all happened because of the beloved food product, fluff! I love the photos of everyone and I’m only sad that this wasn’t closer to Southern California or I would’ve been there in a heartbeat. It does warm my heart to see aKitschionados assemble for such occasions.

    But I must admit, my heart is warmed even more by Meshuggah Mel’s choice of a 14 inch pizza donut. I would’ve done exactly the same and not thought twice about it. Is this a staple at Psycho Donuts? Having just heard about that establishment yesterday I’m ready to pack the mustached van up and head back up north. I think I have to check the website and see if they have some way of mailing doughnuts and keeping them fresh. Otherwise, how far is it off the 101?

    Did Psycho actually have a counter set up at the show?

    I think “Allee’s People” need to let me know next time they go to something like this. I can whip up the 5, pick iamfluff up, eat fluff all the way up and be so sugar charged by the time we arrive that my wallet will need to be stapled in my pocket so I don’t “act out”.

    • Rusty Blazenhoff

      Glad you enjoyed the post/photos!

      We drove to downtown San Jose (was on the way to the airport) to go to Psycho Donuts. It wasn’t at the actual show.

      Will definitely keep you in the loop of any and all opportunities such as this…though this particular one was a very ‘on the fly’ kind of thing.

      Can’t wait to go to some SoCal kitschy places in the Spring with a gaggle of aKitschionados…and you!

  2. MeshuggaMel

    The whole adventure was a blast! The pizza donut, besides being a freakin’ pizza donut, is apparently made first thing in the morning, and the price decreases as the day goes on. By the time we got there, it was a diet-defying deal and had to consumed!

    I’m thinking we should pick up one of these pizza donuts on our way south next time there’s a SoCal kitsch adventure!

  3. k2dtw

    Great post…so much fun!! Love the bakery, checked their website and all their donuts recipes…yummm!!! I love their nurse uniform idea for the counter…would be so funny to have a “Nurse Ratched” name tag???

  4. Iamfluff

    HOW did I miss this whole thing???? My email alerts are not working. But I am excusing my laziness. I say we all go to the What the FLuff Festival in September! One of life’s little treasures was being home and realizing. “I have new fluff in the cupboard!” My coffee sang. And Mel, I put in Meshugga Beach Party and my son said “This is cool!” This surprised me because I know he hates surf music. Then he saw the cover and said “This is awesome! The photoshop of them all on the surf board is genius!” If you knew how much my son believes he is too cool for the planet, you would have a clue how rare these compliments are and be very flattered. Oh and I like it too! Great guitar, tasty drums and the organ has such a “Carnival of Souls” meets Pandit Korla feel that rocks.

    • Allee Willis

      I will check into why you’re not getting email alerts first thing on Monday. That’s not good! Is that true or are you just, as you say, lazy and not checking? I love u either way!! But let me know before I send the techs chasing it down.

      I thought the What the Fluff fest was in August. For sure it will be an official AWMOK field trip so anyone interested in making the trek let it be known.

      Props to Meshuggah Mel’s Jewish surf rock! He came to my studio and recorded surf loops for hours. We had a ball!

      Carnival Of Souls has such an insane organ score. And Korla Pandit – works whichever order you have the names in – is a gem as well.

  5. Iamfluff

    I got this notice so things must be OK! I’m not sure when the next WTF fest is. I will look into it. I had the fabulous experience of seeing Korla Pandit live in 1995. Tripppy trippy! I had no idea who he was at the time and no web browsers back then to find out. I have keyboard playing friends who edumacated me. :-)

  6. k2dtw

    While buying coffee yesterday, a huge “Marvel Comic” truck loaded with beautiful graphics pulled into the parking lot…what???
    On TV this AM, I loved seeing the interview with Susan Olsen and Mike Lookinland, EVERYONE at WXYZ is so thrilled that “Cindy and Bobby” are in Detroit for THE MOTOR CITY COMIC-CON being held in a huge event arena in Novi Mi….it’s very exciting!!!