Elvis themed PEZ dispenser collectible box

Submitted by BeeJay March 8th, 2011
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Last christmas my hubby suprised me with this marvellous set of three Elvis Presley PEZ dispensers. I´m a collector of those thingies and had never seen them before. As I opened the pressie my hubby said “I´m sorry, I know originally you are looking for an E.T. dispenser, but I hope you like those too.” I though he was kidding me, cause I totally LOVE this!

The box comes including three packs of PEZ candies and a limited CD with “Hound Dog”, “Follow that Dream” and “The Wonder of You”, matching to the three decades of Elvis career (50s, 60s, 70s) that are represented on the dispensers.

On the back of the case you can find a small bio of those three decades and I really dig the design of pink and golden stars inside the box. Many thanks to my dear hubby!

3 Responses to “Elvis themed PEZ dispenser collectible box”

  1. Allee Willis

    These Pez dispensers are great. More detailed than most and really looking like who they’re supposed to be. Though I can’t believe they missed Elvis’s most vital period. They picked it up at him going into the Army but it was all that hip shaking and hair grease before that that made Elvis Elvis. Love that his Elvis in Hawaii period made it though.

    How many Pez dispensers do you have and how long have you been collecting?

    • BeeJay

      Uh, good question…I think about thirty. It all started when I found two dispensers I still had from my childhood. I was so happy to find them that my hubby brought me two sponge-bob dispensers the next day (Patrick Star and Bob). The next one was Chewabacca from Star Wars and I actually bought it on Ebay cause I found so hilarious that Chewabacca looked like a turd. I like the 80´s dispensers the most.