The Christmas Lobster

Submitted by suzette March 8th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

I found a handmade lobster in a thrift shop! The woman who sold it to me was looking at me like I was insane as I swooned over him! She told me she didn’t think she would be able to sell it, and gave it to me for one dollar!It was days before someone held it up like this… not a bad..

8 Responses to “The Christmas Lobster”

  1. Allee Willis

    Always nice to see a lobster find a nice home. And in plenty of time for Christmas.

    Nice legs! His head and hat are so cute.

    Could the crafter have used anymore different patterned fabric?!

    • suzette

      NO! I held it upside down, and I thought it was a lobster. the lady let me believe that, so that i would buy it! I had absolutely no idea, until it fell off of the back of a chair, and my son picked it up by its “leash”.

        • suzette

          YES! I saw it as a christmas lobster on a leash (DUH! ) but sadly, it was meant to be a sock-reindeer! Kind of like those images where some see the young lady in a feathered hat, and some see the old
          crone in a shawl.