6 Responses to “For Spotnik – Allee and Kitty Carlisle”

  1. Mark Milligan

    These pictures are out of this world. Kitty Carlisle? Murder she Wrote?

    I like your glasses in these pictures too. I have had to leave behind so many great frames ’cause my prescription changes!

    • Allee Willis

      Ohhhh, you commented on those glasses…. I went back and forth on them for years, loving them and then not loving them. And then wearing them to this fancy schmancy Broadway event with these great ladies because they matched my suit perfectly, finally falling in love with them. Only to lose them in a huge crowd less than a year later. I ran back to the hotel I knew I dropped them in and combed it for hours. Even had friends staying there look for it later that night. Finally got them out of my head about a year ago…. and now they’re back swirling around!

  2. Spotnik

    OMG, Kitty must wear a Kitty-mask. When I saw the thumbnail, I thought that allee must have photoshopped my pic in with her. But nope, Allee had her own Kitty pic. I guess that coral was her fav color, and the hair helmet never never changes. I’m sure you must have had a wonderful time with her. She was always the gracious lady.

    And I also love Angela’s pic. I saw her on Bway in Midsummer Night’s Dream and in Deuce. Fab in both and in her ;ate 80s at that. Quite a role model. Both Kitty and Angela rank very high on my fav list.