3 Responses to “Mini Squirrel Planter”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love the tinyness of this!

    I agree squirrels are among the animal kingdom’s kitschiest. I used to have an amusementpark for squirrels in my backyard. A rollercoaster and about 10 little picnic tables and chairs with a big nail you pop a corn cob on. They sat there and spun the cobs and ate and then ran up and down the roller coaster. Cute when there were a few squirrels but an absolute health hazard when it got up to around 100. And cost me a fortune in corn. So the amusement park closed. I’ve confined myself to squirrel vases from then on.

  2. denny

    Is the planter portion of this supposed to represent an acorn?

    This is cute and like I said, I love your ceramic collections!