Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – If You’re Heading To SXSW….

Submitted by Allee Willis March 13th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

…come see me and my latest piece of technology, this 1960’s wrist transisitor radio, on the “Indie Success: Caching in on Collaboration” panel, Tuesday March 15, 11:00AM at the Hilton, Salon C, 500 East 4th Street. Here’s what me and my wrist accessory will be talking about:

“Since the web began we’ve been talking about artists having a career without a label and going directly to fans. We finally have examples of this working, so what does it look like?

SXSW Veteran Heather Gold sits down with successful collaborating indie artists including: Allee Willis (September, Boogie Wonderland, The Color Purple, Theme from Friends, over 50 million albums sold), Mary Jo Pehl (Mystery Science Theatre 3000, RIfftrax, NPR) and Kenyatta Cheese (Know Your Meme, Rocketboom). The Net links almost every form of artistic making, so it makes sense that we’re in an era of increasing collaboration and creation in many forms. We’ll find out how limitations and openness serve them in an era of “personal brands” We’ll find out how they deal with rights, friendship and creating the best space in which to collaborate. We’ll also dig into their collaborative process in making social experiences, music, video and comedy and find out how they’ve succeeded creatively and in every other way.”

Arriving in Austin tomorrow night.  See you there on Tuesday. My biggest message: As much as it’s about technology, it’s about a charming personality…


(Photo with my Royal typewriter, bought with my allowance money when I was 13, by Jennie Warren)

4 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – If You’re Heading To SXSW….”

  1. Lisa Rios

    Love the photo of you on your fishy floor. Have fun at SXSW. You’ll make a wonderful addition to the festivities there.

  2. childstari

    hi allee — sorry we missed meeting in los angeles during my last trip!
    i was wondering if anyone will be audio taping this panel discussion.
    i’m collaborating with an artist friend on a new business and i’d love to be able to hear this seminar and learn what others have done successfully. please let me know if there’s a way to hear or purchase it. thanks!