Around The World With AWMOK.COM & Allee Willis’ “Willis Wonderland” (a recycled globe) – 1

Submitted by denny March 14th, 2011
Certifikitsch WinnerClassique d Camembert

This is a globe I nabbed at the dump months ago. I just grabbed because ya never know when you might need a globe. This has sat around for a while now and I ran out of canvas, this was the next best thing I guess. Look closely and you can still see the european continents underneath the word “at”. This section of the globe is : “meet me at….”

Meet me at………W.W.


U R here ———> which of course is pointing to “Willis Wonderland”. Note the two oldest palms in the middle of the roof.

Night shots:

5 Responses to “Around The World With AWMOK.COM & Allee Willis’ “Willis Wonderland” (a recycled globe) – 1”

  1. Allee Willis

    Needless to say, both myself and Willis Wonderland are elated to be immortalized as a globe!

    I definitely appreciate the fact that you spotlit the mother and father palm trees at WW. I know it would’ve cluttered it to paint the other 29 but for those of you who have not heard the lore of my palm trees, mom and dad were planted when the house was built in 1937. In the decades following all the rest of the palm trees on the property are their babies. Every year mom and dad drop tens of thousands of little palm seeds on the lawn and the babies sprout up constantly. My life is spent pulling them out. Most of the lawn is actually shaved palm trees. I love that their prominence is now featured on the world.

    I love how this globe looks lit at night.

    I think it’s hysterical that you didn’t disassemble the globe from its platform before you painted it. Love the paint smears on everything.

    Do I spin?

  2. BeeJay

    Oh Denny, I SO LOVE this! With this page Allee made it possible to unite sKitschionados from all over the globe and since I think I´m the most distant one from all of you it´s needless to say how happy I am I found my way in your community. My life is so much more pink and sunny since – just like this beautiful piece of art you created!

  3. denny

    Thanks BeeJay! I had so much fun doing it! It’s pretty incredible when you can laugh while in the process of creating something.

    You can’t tell in this Allee but in the second to last pic, the wood base is actually painted in orange reflector paint! It was a mess and had my fingers sticking together! It’s all I had around! Can’t go wrong with orange and pink! .

  4. shirlie williams

    Denny …brilliant, Im crazy about the eyelashes…
    BeeJay are you in the UK? You said you were the most distant ?