Neon Fluffy Cat

Submitted by Nessa March 13th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

I sniffed out a doozy of a “yard sale” today in a house that was packed to the gills with underpriced kitsch.  I am kicking myself for getting there 2 hours late, because I can only imagine what kind of glorious goodies walked out the door before I got there.  It was a kitsch-grabbing nightmare with people elbowing each other all over the place.  But I still managed a tidy little haul of kitsch, including this incredibly awesome neon-orange fur covered ceramic cat.  Blindingly good kitsch!  I have never seen one with such good fur, and certainly never seen one for 50 cents!

2 Responses to “Neon Fluffy Cat”

  1. Allee Willis

    Totally cute. I love ceramics with feathery fur. A few of my poodles are like that.

    I hate walking into sales where you can tell you just missed out on the prime stuff. Even harder to take when it’s reasonably priced.

    Who was the seller? Did they specifically collect kitsch or did thy have no taste and just happened to score treasures along with the junk?

    • Nessa

      It looked like relatives cleaning out the house of an elderly lady who probably hadn’t bought anything new since around 1967. Just all kinds of wacky stuff everywhere, in various levels of taste… plus a lot of random toys from the 80s & 90s… just random pack-ratty stuff, the house must have been stuffed. It was actually about 80% good old stuff, so I hate to think about what I may have missed.