4 Responses to “LuLu album cover “Heaven And Earth And The Stars””

  1. Allee Willis

    That is one cheesy drawing of Lulu! Yikes! I think my kitty cat could have done it more accurately. And look at that wrestler’s neck!

    Such 80’s graphics.

    Lulu cut one of my songs, “There Has Got To Be A Way” in 1993. Yikes, what if it’s on this LP?

  2. denny

    WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! I completely forgot about that and I don’t know how as that album is one of my all-time favorites ever!!!! I still listen to it quite often. Oh no, it’s not on this album, your song appears on the album “Independence” and NOT on this one. I can’t stand it! “There Has Got To Be A Way” is the s***! Amazing track from an amazing album.

  3. Lisa Rios

    One of her most coveted releases. From 1976. This is the album w/2 Bowie songs on it. David even recorded the songs with her. I don’t think it’s out on CD but I might be wrong.