“The Allee Willis Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Supreme” – Part 4 (the end)

Submitted by denny March 16th, 2011
Certifikitsch WinnerClassique d Camembert

Look someone made a chocolate chip cookie I give you feel meatloafHere is the finished product.  This is “The Allee Willis Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Supreme”.  I wanted to utilize all the colors.  Around the edges of Allee’s face and hair there is layer of white, pink and purple icing.  The black icing on her hair is not a mistake, I tried to recreate her roots.

Hope you enjoyed the post.  I’m having a nice glass of milk and a big hunk of Allee’s hair this evening.  That doesn’t sound quite right ………

6 Responses to ““The Allee Willis Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Supreme” – Part 4 (the end)”

  1. Allee Willis

    I can’t believe I didn’t post this in order. My head has not been attached ti the rest of my bidy for weeks! SORRY…

    I love the re-creation of my roots, especially given that they only appear at the bottom of my hair where, in actuality, they’re the least noticeable. I also love that I’m laid out on a large chop block.

    I love seeing it at the angle shot in the last photo. It’s hysterical that my mouth is that high. It looks like a pile of lox.

    My nose looks almost as deep as the mouth but I know that you made that nose out a scrap piece of cookie. Is that just an illusion looking at my face from this angle or did you pile something up under the cookie nose to actually angle it off? I think the former looking at it straight on like the first picture but it’s an excellent special effect achieved in the second.

    The Camembert has been awarded on behalf of the entire “The Allee Willis Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Supreme” four part series.

  2. denny

    OMG. You are spot on! Your lips do look like lox. I love lox. I ate your lips first and your glasses with my morning coffee. The rest, well, we had a ball eating your face and hair. I never realized just tasty you could be with a glass of milk or a cup of coffee.

    My next food project is the Pigmy Will Sooper Dooper Meatloaf Supreme.