Dumont 526 Stereo Console

Submitted by Karen March 18th, 2011
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This is Duey.  He is our new edition. We found him in a thrift store with stuff thrown all over the top so we had to resuce him.  Since we have a small house we are trying to make room for him.  We just fell in love with the lines and the hardware!

Model 526 Custom Collector Series AM/FM

Gerrard turntable–needs work

11 Responses to “Dumont 526 Stereo Console”

  1. Allee Willis

    It’s in amazing shape. Was it priced reasonably?

    Love the pattern in the fabric covering the speakers. Those X’s in the wood with the stud in the middle are pretty sharp too.

    When you say it needs work, how much work? Is the turntable working at all?

    Overall, a beautiful piece!

    • Karen

      The turntable runs a little slow so my husband is working on that. The power cord needs replacement as it is frayed at the connect site. Right now it is covered with electrical tape. The unit works fine otherwise. Onlt takes the tubes a moment to warm up and she sounds great!

      And you asked if it was priced reasonably? We paid under $15 for it. Yes, under $15!!! Even it it didn’t work I would have taken it! But whoever had this before us took really good care of it. It even has the spindle accessory to run 45’s. The clip to hold that in place when not in use is broke so we need to find a new one of those also.

    • Karen

      Thanks Denny :) It is a beauty! When I went to my grandparents house when I was small I remember he always used to play Nat King Cole albums. When I look at this I thing of Nat immediately.

  2. audiophile559

    I’ve got a Sylvania console similar to this, also with a ‘Gerrard’ I hope you get it working. Those changers have a nice sound and whisper quiet platter, your records will sound super cool on this guy.