5 Responses to “Frankie Avalon Twilight Tan Self Tanning products”

  1. Allee Willis

    So jealous of this one, especially as I have heard so many personal Frankie Avalon stories from a man who was there at his side, Fabian. I was always praying that Frankie Avalon would show up one day with Fabian, who spent many an hour at Willis Wonderland. Here are some of my adventures with him (though I wish I had been wearing some Frankie Avalon Twilight Tan while I was with him).


    https://www.alleewillis.com/parties/press/Negligee/Details-Fabian/Fabian-a.htm and scroll down to “Win A Dream Date With Fabian”

  2. JasonHubble36

    i made an account on here SPECIFICALLY to ask this question because i can not find ANY information here here what so ever about this product, but i have a whole box of this Frankie Avalon’s Twilite Tan box
    with 5 different items in it unopened and i was just curious as to if it was collectible or not?
    idk anything about it and dont much care for tanning products

    • JasonHubble36

      if anyone reads this and knows anything about it please let me know because idk if i will ever find this site again
      my email is [email protected]
      please let me know if you know ANYTHING about this product