7 Responses to “The Queen of Kitsch (Painting by BeeJay)”

  1. Allee Willis

    As I said on Facebook you nailed me!!!!!!!! And you portrayed me in one of my favorite shirts, which I just wore recently and I think with my orange T-shirt with the dark blue ribbing so I am most happy that I chose to wear this that night the photo you worked from was probably taken as it provides excellent contrast in your/my portrait.

    It really looks like me. And you’ve made me thin!!! Really love the little dark hairs dribbling out from under the various shades of blonde.

    Is there anyway that I could get a high resolution file of the painting from you?

    Yay, BeeJay!

    • BeeJay

      Thank you very much for the “Classique d’ Camembert”, Allee. I went through several photos from you and thought this shirt suits you so well. I´m happy you like it :)
      I´d feel honored to send you the painting itself, just drop me a line on Facebook where I can send it to!