7 Responses to “PICNIC ANYONE???…”

  1. Allee Willis

    Love these old aluminum picnic cases and, of course, all the Melmac in them.

    No one loves picnics more than me and no one is lazier about making a picnic lunch, driving somewhere to do it, and taking precautions so ants don’t share the food. But I’m so happy when someone else does these things.

    I have several picnic cases as I always have grand hopes that I’ll get it together and go on one. But none of mine are made out of aluminum.

    How much were these selling for?

  2. Michael Ely

    I love picnics, and I love picnic baskets (aluminum and wicker). To me, there is nothing more fun than taking a basket of food (some bread, cheese, olives, fruit, etc.) and a good bottle of wine and hitting the outdoors. There is a wonderful place here out in the middle of the Sonoran Desert with a ramada (built out of rock and octillo branches by The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) back in the 1930’s) that sits high on a hilltop, and you can see nothing but beautiful saguaros and mesquite trees for miles and miles around in all directions, surrounded by desert wildlife, and it is a perfect place to picnic with friends. And after lunch, there are lots of ancient Indian petroglyphs to explore. In fact, we are planning another picnic as I write….and we’ll be taking our vintage picnic basket.

    • k2dtw

      I hope they inspire lots of picnics…smile.. Your plans sound wonderful, the temps have warmed up around here, it’s 32…sigh.. Would love to picnic and see the beautiful desert.

      We have made the drive down from Flagstaff thru Phoenix, then west to Palm Springs, CA, I think it was I-17 to I-10??.. Traveling west, we are always excited to see our first cactus, and the great Saguaro, that you have written about. We notice how the Saguaro diminish by the time we get to to the Az/Ca border, is it possible they are gone from the landscape by the time we get to Palm Springs? Are the southwest deserts that different?

      • Michael Ely

        Yes, different areas, different deserts. Saguaros only grow naturally in the AZ and Mexico Sonoran Desert (they don’t grow anywhere else on the planet), and the Sonoran Desert is different than most deserts in that it is a very green desert. In fact, it is considered one of the greenest deserts in the world. Let me know if yer ever gonna come into Tucson, and I tell you all the cool things to do, including great places to have a desert picnic. :)

        • k2dtw

          Incredible???.. The first time I was in the southwest, I was in PHX, I think it was in Jan?? All of the low growing plants in the desert were in bloom. I was beside myself, it was such a surprise and so beautiful.

  3. denny

    I want one! These are so amazing and I really love the peach/pink set, second one in……Do you happen to own one?

    awmok is really knocking the wind out of me today!

    Hitting jealous button now…..

  4. k2dtw

    Geez i loved these, I see the metal picnic baskets, painted plaid, I never see the aluminum??? The small ones were priced at about $165, large $245.