8 Responses to “AB ENHANCER”

  1. Allee Willis

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. It looks like he has a barbecue grill or chain-link fence around his waist. The concept of creating a sixpack by creating bulging mounds of flesh is kitschingly brilliant.

  2. Mark Milligan

    does the remote control tighten the grid, or give him a different shock? Is it electric?

    I think it should come in different colors so one could go shirtless.

    Would a woman wear this in certain circumstances?

    If I was afraid that I’d get a hernia while riding a bull in a rodeo in Wyoming I might consider this. Do people get square hernias?

    • windupkitty

      “Would a woman wear this in certain circumstances?” oh yeah, but i’d wear it around my waist with the grid on my butt….

  3. denny

    What the hell? This made me laugh out loud.

    Chicks dig it I guess if you can walk around with grilled hamburger lines around your middle. That lightning bolt looks nothing like the letter “e” that it is supposed to represent.

    This is so worthy of the Camembert Award.

  4. snappyp

    I really liked it because it’s all about what to EAT for GOOD LOOKING ABS, and It hought this was a great solution- especially if someone punchd you in the stomach. Mark, I think you could get a square hernia so u mihgt want to reconsider.
    And I just want to say it looks like one of the abs would be a steak you could grill, Michael.

  5. Douglas Wood

    After some Googling, I’ve arrived at the conclusion that the makers of the Ab-Hancer are in on the joke. I was hoping maybe it was made by some far-off country and sold via cheesy infomercials or at the Dollar Store, but I think the whole thing is a put-on. (The “recommended by pseudo-athletes” was a tip-off.) I can’t find it actually selling anywhere, just websites commenting on how ridiculous it is. One blogger called it “a great piece of performance art and a criticism of real existing devices–like those usually sold on TV.”