4 Responses to “Squirrel EATS My Pizza”

  1. Allee Willis

    Yummy! I used to have little squirrel chairs and tables in my backyard. You jammed a corncob onto a nail that stuck up out of the table and the squirrel twirled the cob with his little hands while sitting at the chair with his legs dangling. I must say though that pizza fits in far better with the Willis Wonderland mindset.

  2. Michael Ely

    They recently did a smell and taste taste where people were given different things to smell and taste without knowing what it was, and almost all of the people (85 %) liked pizza the best. There’s just something about pizza that we all like and I guess squirrels like pizza too. :)

  3. denny

    I was just chatting with some squirrels in my yard. They are so happy the nice weather is approaching.

    I named one “Squirrella”. She/he sits on my balcony.