5 Responses to “Easy way to a trim waist”

  1. Allee Willis

    Frst of all, who did the airbrushing on the guy??? They not only made him look like he spent 6 months on a tanning bed but his face melted over his mouth.

    And who came up with the scam to sell a big piece of elastic as a weight loss agent?

    But most favorite as all: ” Trust it ! Make you Beauty Healthy”. And lipless.

  2. denny

    What happened here? I think they forgot to give that guy a nipple.

    I laughed out loud over this one!

    Good one Suzette!

  3. BeeJay

    Some have three nipples, this orange popsickle have only one.
    Adds like this always crack me, cause in school we had to guys who hated each other and they kept on ordering things like that to ech others addresses. I remember when one of them entered the schoolbus with a pissed off face and said “Got the lose your tummy belt today. You are SO DEAD.” lmao!