Mom and her Happy Balls

Submitted by Markydoodle April 5th, 2011
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A few years ago I thought I’d found the perfect birthday gift for my Mom.  She really doesn’t want anything.  So I decided to buy her a couple of antenna toppers.  I ordered them, they came in time for her birthday, I wrapped them, drove the 6 hours in my car to her little town in Nebraska bearing these specially creative gifts.  She loved them.  But she doesn’t have a car antenna on her buick.

Even so, I do have to love the mascot for

Super Happy Ball Guy.

Super Happy Ball Guys says:

“With over 500 balls you’ll find something for everyone!”  I’d say!

And on their web site this evening I  found  a “Very Collectible Collection.”  Limited Quantities, made for a Hollywood Studio, and now available to you,  it’s  “Crystal Bright,”  Antenna Toppers made with Real Rhinestones!

And they even have them for the teacher in my life, who also doesn’t have a car antenna.

How can you go wrong when giving happy balls for that special occasion?   Need to dust that.

5 Responses to “Mom and her Happy Balls”

  1. Allee Willis

    I never used an antenna topper but every single time that I went to a large swap meet before they had the kind of keys where you could constantly press it to hear your car beep I swore I was going to get one. I finally got a hot dog from Weinerschnitzel only to discover that my van had no antenna. So he’s been writing around happily in a little bucket underneath the dashboard.

    I’m very happy to have discovered Happy Balls. I Think a Crystal Bright is in my future.

  2. windupkitty

    “With over 500 balls you’ll find something for everyone!”
    wow, i think this is the first sales guarantee that i actually believe….I think it would be really hard to disprove that!

    nothing worse than balls that aren’t happy and Mr Happy Balls looks straight up triumphant!