Detroit Donuts – Donutville U.S.A.

Submitted by denny April 12th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

We stopped to photograph and film this little donut shop while shooting in and around Detroit.  The best part of this donut shop was the architecture and the building itself.  This is one of the places where we interviewed the girl who was working the counter.  I of course had to quickly buy a dozen donuts which almost didn’t make it back to our headquarters.  I think we managed to save a few for the rest of the crew.  This place was built in 1966.  Several of us were running around with cameras and people thought we were completely nutty.  The honey glazed donuts were absolutely scrumptious!

This was the best shot that showed the architecture of this little place!

Eeeks.  I was really hoping that Elvis wold have been sitting at the counter but that was not to be……This poster was hanging on the front door of Donutville.

Here is Jim taking some film footage of Donutville.

5 Responses to “Detroit Donuts – Donutville U.S.A.”

  1. Allee Willis

    Ooh, I missed this place completely so very happy to see it here. I had a craving for donuts the entire time I was in Detroit. Had I passed this place we would’ve busted an axel turning in.

    I love the interpretation of the donut on the sign. It looks somewhere between a tire (so appropriate for Detroit) and something else tho not sure what… but certainly not a donut.

    The Elvis flyer is fantastic. I wonder if Fred gives free donuts with that pasta Elvis performance?

    I’m glad to see that Jim managed to shoot something though I may not even look at his footage to avoid the aggravation…

    • MrsDonut

      Sorry we missed you, Allee. Next time you’re in town, stop in and say “HI”!
      FYI–The donut sign originally had a clock in the center, but it was too much trouble to have to climb up every time we had to wind it!!!

  2. denny

    You can see Elvis AND get a pasta dinner. Now that’s flippin’ for sure! How I would have given anything to see Fred live.

  3. MrsDonut

    Thanks for stopping in! Which film was shot here? (We’ve had a few film shoots over the years)
    The Elvis dinner was a fundraiser for Laura Scofano-Schiller, my husband’s cousin, who was battling breast cancer for the second time. Sadly, she passed away a few months after this dinner. She loved Elvis and Fred was her favorite Elvis impersonator.