7 Responses to “Gassy Astronaut with Claws”

  1. windupkitty

    WOW!!!!!! Where is this from!!!??? I gotta know the background! Yeah, what a way to get around…fart then claw, fart then claw etc etc…i guess you do need the claws if there’s no gravity…..must be slow going though…..

    • BeeJay

      GREAT comment, Windupkitty, we just laughed out loud here :) Unfortuantely I don´t know where it is from, I would also like to know.

    • windupkitty

      potty humor is never lost on me….but from a conservation perspective, as long as we’re emitting such things into the atmosphere, we might as well harness it, ya know? My father alone could probably fuel public transportation for an entire city……

  2. shirlie williams

    LOL these posts are making me laugh out loud,and I thought toilet humour was peculiar to the Brits !!! Fabulous picture, I see curtains made fromfabric with this print.