3 Responses to “Leaping, Flying Dancers”

  1. Allee Willis

    I used to have the lamp that went with this set but it was an earthquake victim soon after I moved to LA. isn’t that what the big sculpture in the middle is?

    You have so many pieces of this it’s fantastic! The flowers, which I trust are plastic, are an excellent display touch. All of it goes so well with your wall colors too. I love when collections are this complete. BEAUTIFUL!

  2. samseptic

    This is the zen minimalist version. I had to de-crappify the house a while back. Sold one thousand pieces of schlock to my pal, Jeff (he suffers from the same disease). If you care to see more pics, look at Allee’s Museum Facebook page. I posted pics under my alter ago, Jill Nicholson: Fruity Drink Party and House Beautiful.