15 Responses to “Vegetable People”

  1. Allee Willis

    I actually collect vegetable people artifacts. Have many plastic sculptures and a few prints but NOTHING as spectacular as these. These figures are wayyyyyyyy more creative than most. They’re absolutely slaying me.

    Are these 8 x 10? And are the frames plastic (even better)?

    Ironing the salami is killlling me.

    • xtineb

      Your post is KILLING me!!!

      We HAD these pics on our kitchen wall while I was growing up, and I was CRUSHED when my mom took them down after I moved a few thousand miles away to attend grad school. (We also had a choir of singing bananas, a “Carmen Miranda” outfitted dancing couple and a few other scenes I can’t remember…).

      Anyway, my mom always promised these pics to ME (although everyone LOVED them!) and unfortunately, she became ill with Alzheimer’s and the photos disappeared somewhere back in the 90s: either given to an undeserving, equally forgetful brother, or sold for pennies at a garage sale (!).

      So: WHERE did you get these??? Any chance you may be willing to part with them? (Or would you be willing to pass on high-res copies?) Any idea who the original manufacturer is? My mom bought her photos in the 1960s at a Woodwards Dept store in Edmonton, Alberta (which, sadly, like my poor, departed mama, also no longer exists). :-(

      I have a LOT of great kitsch from various periods and would be more than happy to do a trade w/ you if a sale isn’t workable.

      These remind me SO much of my deceased mom….hope you can help out (somehow).

      You have a GREAT eye, btw!

  2. xtineb

    Hey! Just found a pic of the banana choir from the same series as the ironing salami lady, etc…


    ANYONE know anything more about these crazy fruit & veg people pics?!?

    I’d *really* like to be able to have these in my life again…

  3. xtineb

    Sorry! HERE are numerous pics of the infamous banana choir (same series as the ironing salami lady). Excuse the near-duplicate posting…(tried to cancel my last one, but too late).


    And, again: ANYONE know anything more about these crazy fruit & veg people pics?!? I want and/or NEED these! Thanks!

  4. xtineb

    Wow! The answer to my 20 yrs+ unanswered question was *right* in THIS very site, under “Henry Rox Prints from 1965 “Crying Onion” & “Bathing Fruit” 8×10′s”!!!

    Same series; same photographer.

    I LOVE the ‘net! And I especially love your site!!

  5. samseptic

    Xtineb, I will scan them hi-res and email them to you within the next few days. I don’t wish to part with them as I love them, too!

  6. xtineb

    Many thanks, samseptic! I’ll check out the ‘artprints’ link, too…tried placing orders on a few different sites when I found out about Henry Rox, and his work was never actually available (although the pics were up).

    Allee–I will DEFINITELY be posting some pics of kwality kitsch!