Vintage Easter Basket

Submitted by Michael Ely April 21st, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner
This is a vintage Easter basket filled with vintage goodies including two colorful handmade German paper mache eggs, a large plastic chick in a bonnet toy bank (circa 1950’s), a plastic toy chicken that lays miniature eggs, and a couple of metal windup hopping toys (circa 1960’s and 70’s), as well as a tiny chick straight pin. It’s funny how the church tried their best to turn the Pagan Spring rituals into a religious holiday, yet all the Pagan symbols of mother nature (wicker baskets filled with grass and flowers), fertility (rabbits), birth and renewal (chicks hatching from eggs painted colors of the rising sun) remain with us to this day! Happy Spring Celebration everyone!

7 Responses to “Vintage Easter Basket”

  1. windupkitty

    wow, i LOVE this!! I have few of those old greman paper eggs..i go crazy for them…the pictures always so bizarre…..i love that you still dye eggs…i never did as a kid, we always had the plastic ones filled with chocolate, so hey, no complaints! but they look so cool…..i love easter colors and decorations…second only to valentine’s day :)