3 Responses to “Spring Thing”

  1. Allee Willis

    I rarely give holiday decorations like this the Classique d’ Camembert but this one is so silly in so many ways and each individual animal is its own thing.

    My first question is of course, did you make this? As in arranging the beautful setting?

    At first I thought the big, hulking roly-poly chicken with that exquisite design and idiotic bow was my favorite. But then I noticed the little straggly flower petal one in the excellent plastic basket, and then the really silly I guess chicken but it sure looks like a duck to me sitting on the leaves surrounded by the little eggs and sprigs. Then the fat beatnik looking pink chick on the pedestal legs slayed me. Only then did I see the egg flowers. And only then did I see the two chicks between roly-poly and straggle flower, one of which has absolutely nothing to do with the style of any of the other ones. I love the one who looks like a match in pink with pedistal legs to the beatnik, only this time with cute little wings.

    I LOVE that this whole display is positioned right on the corner of the lawn.

    Do you have other Easter decorations up?

  2. samseptic

    The giant chick lights up. The really scary thing about it is that it has defined muscle, like it has been taking steroids. It is ripped and saying in a deep baritone, “PEEP! PEEP!” It sits in the window year round to thwart burglars. The flowers are pastel flocked tulips with bunnies popping out.