“Thunderbirds” jigsaw puzzle, 1968

Submitted by missmoppetkitty April 30th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

I found this at a local estate sale. I loved those creepy little puppets, and their cute little sets, and tiny aircrafts. It was rather before my time, but I managed to catch an episode on a cable T.V. show called “100% Weird.”

The pieces took about an hour for me to assemble.

3 Responses to ““Thunderbirds” jigsaw puzzle, 1968”

  1. shirlie williams

    Thunderbirds are go ! Thunderbirds along with Stingray and my favourite Captain Scarlett are fond memories from my childhood, I so wanted to be one of Cpt Scarletts Angels, I even had a red patent bag with the insignia on that I took to school, which of course I wish I still had .