1970’s Wood Dresser (another stunning dump find!!)

Submitted by denny May 3rd, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

Well, I wouldn’t exactly call it stunning but I do like it and like it even more that I got it for free.  This was another score from the dump “gift hut” in Harwich, MA.  There are a total of nine drawers in this unit.  What kills me is that it takes me a minute before finding out where to open any of the drawers.  This piece of furniture is the most heaviest piece of furniture I have ever had the displeasure of having to move.  I do like the 70’s vibe to to it and when you can’t afford to go out and purchase pieces from an antique store or flea market, the dump is the next best place.  Although hit and miss at times, I never leave empty handed when I go to the dump.  I make it a mission to leave with something.  Thank the kitsch gods that I had Ernie with me today.  Poor Ern, I go into overdrive when I am there and start pointing fingers and shouting commands such as “grab this”,  “get this”, “ask me no questions”……I have a strict code of “dump behavior” as it is first come, first serve.  If you don’t snatch it immediately the item could be gone in seconds.  No one was going to run away with this piece, I almost didn’t think Ernie and I would be able to cart it off.  I’m not a pick up truck sort of guy but living here on Cape Cod I sure have learned to appreciate this vehicle, they come in handy when dump running.

These photos will have to do.  We brought these into the house and about fell over with exhaustion.  I have to clean it up anyway and I am just hoping it doesn’t sit in the foyer for a year.

6 Responses to “1970’s Wood Dresser (another stunning dump find!!)”

  1. Allee Willis

    This is really gorgeous! A stunning find. I think it’s more 50’s or 60’s, though if 50’s it would more likely be made out of a lighter shade of wood. But fantastic Atomic design.

    Have you cleaned it up yet? What condition is the top in?

    What do you keep in it?

    Would love to see the matching pieces that came with it. Could be anything from a bed to a dining room table to side tables.

  2. denny

    Once I found a spot for this I ended up really loving it even more. I wasn’t crazy about the brown. When I saw the design, I said “Ernie lets’ grab it”. I didn’t know a thing about it and we put it in the truck immediately. Ernie keeps his “neck pillows” in one and the remaining 8 drawers are empty. I feel this need to fill them up. Stay tuned!

  3. Douglas Wood

    This is a really cool dresser and in the right setting it’ll look spectacular. Can’t believe you found this at the dump– it looks like it’s in great condition too.

  4. denny

    Little bit of Endust and it shined right up. We have it in the living room and I am loving it more and more each time I pass it. I knew I would kick myself if we didn’t grab this one. The top of it, the sides, the drawers, every inch in excellent shape!