Large German Beer Stein with music box

Submitted by Bob Ramsdell May 5th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

This German beer stein is 12″ tall with a pewter top. There is a music box in the base that starts when the stein is lifted off the table encouraging the drinker to empty it enjoying the music. The name of the song (translated from German) is “Drink Little Brother, Drink”. It was sent back from German by my brother after World War II.

2 Responses to “Large German Beer Stein with music box”

  1. Allee Willis

    Growing up, my parents had so many friends who collected beer steins. I never went for them myself but they’re no doubt supremely kitschy. And once there’s a music box popped in anything it becomes even more super kitschy.

    I love that this was a gift from your brother, actually bought in Germany after World War II. It’s the real deal!

  2. Bob Ramsdell

    I also have two more small steins, non music box type, that my brother
    sent to two brother’s (me) and two sisters. One of my siblings gave me
    their’s once.

    Bob Ramsdell
    Albany, OR