Autographed Doodles Weaver LP

Submitted by Bob Ramsdell May 9th, 2011
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Doodles Weaver was one of my favorite funny men in movies and TV.  I had a chance to see him in person in San Francisco when he was with Spike Jones and the City Slickers. He was in the band but on a closer look, he had a golf club handde in his mouth and was fingering it like a clarinet.  Later during the performance he did his famous Feetlebaum routine. The autograph reads ” To the World’s Greatest Leather Pusher, Hector (Camacho) King of Troy” and signed by Doodles. At intermission, I looked down from my first row balcony seat and saw another Doodles fan, Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone.

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  1. Allee Willis

    This is my first introduction to Doodles Weaver, though he looks very familiar on this LP cover. I also absolutely love his name! And I would have been thrilled to look down from any balcony to see Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone.

    Do you still have a record player to play your vinyl on?

    • Bob Ramsdell

      Allee, He was quite a cutup. He was the class clown at Stanford. He returned the next year and was complimented by his professorsn as being so dignified and easy to get along with after hat incorrigible Doodles!! He was in quite a few movies including Hitchcock’s The Birds. He was the brother of Pat Weaver head of CBS and was Signourney Weaver’s nephew.
      Bob Ramsdell, Albany, OR

  2. Bob Ramsdell

    Doodles was in a large amount of films and TV. One of the last I saw
    him in was Hitchcock’s The Birds. He was CBS’s Pat Weaver’s brother
    and Sigourney Weaver’s uncle. When he went to Stanford he was a
    supreme prankster and joker. After he graduated, he returned the next
    year as his twin brother, wearing glasses and a suit to all classes,
    was very quiet and studious. Professors were complimenting him about
    being a much better student than his twin brother, Doodles was. He
    played this “role” before he switched back, fooling everyone. I had
    two other encounters with Jack Benny. Once on Okinawa sitting on the
    tarmac at the airbase there during a heavy rain when he was
    entertaining troops and once I actually bumped into him at Harrah’s
    Lake Tahoe and had a few words with him.

    • tommyboggs

      I have the exact lp signed To the Schooling Family Best wishes Doodles Weaver 1974. Can you tell me the value.

      • Allee Willis

        I honestly have no idea of value but it’s fantastic that you have an autographed copy. He was really a recognizable actor so should be worth something to the right collector.