Super fantastic vanity mirror with light!

Submitted by denny May 10th, 2011
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This belongs to my friend here on the Cape.  She had received this as a gift so I wasn’t able to find out any information on it.  I love every thing about this vanity mirror.  The shape, the mirror, the placement of the light portion, all of it is pretty amazing.

This “on & off” switch is located on the side.

This is the back of the mirror/lamp which houses your tweezers and nail clippers.

One Response to “Super fantastic vanity mirror with light!”

  1. Allee Willis

    This is so reminiscent of one that I used to own one when I first moved to Hollywood. Now it’s driving me crazy where it is. I absolutely loved it other than it was so heavy you needed a few people to lift it. Unless this one is made out of plastic it’s probably the same.

    It looks very 1930s.

    That light in the base certainly helps chinny chin chins.