El Zoppo Bug Zapper – portable electronic insect killer

Submitted by denny May 12th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

This lovely bug zapper, I mean the EL ZOPPO is for sale at one of the thrift shops I frequent here on the Cape.  That bug looked like he was zapped more than once.

I would be concerned if I had bugs in my playroom.

4 Responses to “El Zoppo Bug Zapper – portable electronic insect killer”

  1. Michael Ely

    Living here in AZ, we get a lot of summertime bugs, and so we bought a hanging bug zapper, and it was so gross. The light of the zapper attracted tons of flying bugs (more than would normally be flying around) and then made a spark and loud popping / sizzling sound each time a bug got zapped. The thing went off constantly and it started to freak me out, the sound of hundreds of bugs being electrocuted. We sold the zapper at a yard sale.

  2. denny

    I’ve never been into these. Here on the Cape when the bugs get back, we spry ourselves down with “OFF” spray. The green flies are the killers here when the weather gets nice!

  3. BRBill

    My favorite is the electric fly swatter which looks like a tennis racket. Works real good too. ZAP!! I have no problem with electrocuting bugs. In the subtropical South, it’s either them or us and they take no prisoners, at least the mosquitos don’t. Some of them have evolved to the point where they survive during the “winter”. Any weapon in the arsenal short of chemical warfare is welcome. Mr. Flip Flop is very good vs. the cockroaches, if they’re not too high on the wall…