Dusty Springfield “I Wish That Love Would Last” song from Norma Rae

Submitted by denny May 14th, 2011
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Allee wrote this track , “I Wish That Love Would Last” which was the flip side of a single titled “It Goes Like It Goes” (written by David Shire & Norman Gimble) and this was released in 1980. This was a song featured in Norma Rae and the track “It Goes Like It Goes” won an Academy Award for best original song. The song written by Allee is considered a rarity among Dusty fans as it rarely pops up on anything and I cannot find it listed on any soundtrack. That is why I am including the pics posted here. “I WIsh That Love Would Last” can be found on the following 2 compilations. RIP in Dusty.

Simply Dusty is a stunning collection of her work and has some incredible stuff on it.

Gold. The hair is stunning.

One Response to “Dusty Springfield “I Wish That Love Would Last” song from Norma Rae”

  1. Allee Willis

    I had absolutely no idea that my song was on the flip side of that single! As I’ve said a trillion times before, the songwriter is always the last to know.

    This was the first song of mine Dusty did. I remember standing in a parking lot talking to her about it. David Lasley and I wrote this right after we wrote “Lead Me On”. My other two Dusty songs were “Send It To Me” and, of course, WHIDTDT.

    Dusty had the best stack-o’-sweet-rolls hair ever!