What a doll! Part 1

Submitted by Jaymes Mansfield May 15th, 2011
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Above: Baby Jane Hudson

For those of you who liked my Pigmy Will doll I wanted to show some of the pieces I’m most proud of. All of my artwork is inspired by what I was told a “good” artist’s art should never be: camp, kitsche, tacky, and bad-taste. I started making dolls my sophomore year of high school when I was just fooling around with some felt. I needed a project to submit to the art show and my first piece was a dreadful looking franken-doll I lovelingly named Rageddy Pam, but not willing to give up on an idea I dwelled on it a bit and came up with a few patterns that made sense. These were some of my early dolls. Another major contribution to my doll making was the fact I wanted dolls of my favorite older actresses. And it seemed the only pre-1970’s actress that had dolls was Marilyn Monroe. And being more of a Jayne Mansfield type of man this just wouldn’t do. Who settle for Teentalk Barbie or a Tickle-Me Elmo that anyone has when you could have a talking Madalyn Murray O’Hair or Don King? Who wants plan old Marilyn if you could have Mamie Van Doren or the even more glamorous Angelyne(In progress)!So I decided I’d be better off making my own damn dolls.

I made dolls of Candice Cascade(A super hero I made up, and drew comics of in math class), Drunk Veronica Lake, Bette Davis, the Rad Dinosaur(A girlfriend’s cartoon I made a doll of for her birthday.), Kate Bush, and my very first hand made doll Rageddy Pam(R.I.P. You lived one of hell of a life, and never looked back… Even when my cat Mortimer attacked you from behind and disemboweled you)

I had become so consumed with making dolls I wanted to see how big I could make a doll. My biggest dolls(At a foot and four inches tall) so far have been Myra Breckinridge(Who sadly was also murdered by my cat.)

And my best selling doll(My only selling doll) is based off of cult actress, author, mafia moll, and all around goddess Liz Renay. I called it Lady Godiva. I was inspired by Liz’s notorious streak of Hollywood and Vine when she was fifty.

She was purchased by art collector heir to the Pabst Brewery Joe Pabst, who was a lovely man and invited me to the Pabst mansion  to pick out where to put her. I choose a love seat in the main walkway. The mansion was far too top drawer for my taste, so thankfully I had the chance to have the bawdy Liz tie the room together!

6 Responses to “What a doll! Part 1”

  1. Allee Willis

    These are all FABULOUS!  I completely agree witn your taste. I always tip towards the same end.  No Marilyn Monroe dolls for me! And if I ever listened to adage of “a ‘good’ artist’s art should never be: camp, kitsche, tacky,” I’d be nowhere!

    Can’t wait to see part 2. Dying to see your Angelyne doll.  You know we’re friends, right? https://www.alleewillis.com/woa/angelyne/index.html

    Too bad your cat ruined some of your creations.  I can relate. I went to put on my favorite t-shirt this morning and my cat Niblet had pee’d on it. Thank God I caught that before I dragged it over my head. She was pissed off I separated her from one of the other cats.

    Love that Liz Renay was purchased by the Pabst heir.  He must be a boob man.  With all that beer around God only knows what fun Liz is having now.

    Really LOVE your dolls, though my favorite, of course, is this one: https://www.alleewillis.com/awmok/kitschenette/2011/03/04/kitschy-crafts-making-pigmy-will/

    • Jaymes Mansfield

      Wooh! Your cat sounds just as malicious as mine lol. Thanks Allee! I agreed with your definition on kitsch. I only use those three in my art and stray away from bad taste. And if I do its always very tame and more cheeky than offensive. Like dolls of unlikely celebs.

      And do I know your friends with Angelyne?! Of course I do. When I move out to LA one of my first goals is to have an Angelyne siting. I think she’s divoon! Once she is finished you know I’ll be posting! I have my hot pink fabric all ready.

      Liz is great. I ask about her everytime I bump into him downtown. Miss renay is forever in my thoughts I’ve working on a puppet show about her life called Fabulous Me.

  2. windupkitty

    I am freaking the hell out!!!!!!!! these are amazing!!!!!! wow,wowo,wow!!!!! so sorry to hear some were slain by mortimer!!!!!! the baby jane is really brilliant……more please!!!!!!!!!