Denny’s yearly visit to the chicken coop!

Submitted by denny May 16th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

Whenever I go over to my in-laws (holidays only!!), I always make a pit stop for a little photo op to visit my little chicken friends.  Here is Polly-Ann and Fontweeta laying some eggs.  I didn’t stare at them long as these two girlies really appreciate their privacy.

I’m wearing my easter best. Pink button down with converse all-slips.  In this picture you see Connie whizzing by and the dark chicken is Truman Capote who was clearly disturbed by me being in their house.

Here is Francesca, one of the few chickens that will let me pick them up.  I always make sure I keep them at least a foot away from my face.

Francesca is such a patient chicken.

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