1970’s White Bubble TV!

Submitted by denny May 17th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

I’m going to be re-decorating a room here at the house and would kill for one of these tv’s!  In all my travels I have never run across one.  Love the handle which makes for easy travel with your bubble tv!

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  1. Allee Willis

    I’m hapoy to say I own 4 of these tvs, all working.  I have this exact one in red in my recording studio.  l also have one without a base and one that’s a clock radio.  And also have the matching 8 track/radio.

    They’re meant to be carried around, like the girl in the insert is doing.  But I love that they have her outside as the tv is of no use there and definitely needs to be plugged in.

    • Allee Willis

      Yes, I got it in a thrift shop for $22 and there was actually an 8 track tape in it when I found it. It was the Earth, Wind& Fire “I Am” album, which I co-wrote all but 2 songs on. I never even knew it was on 8-track so I believe the player was destined for me!