Piskie Garden Mevagissey Part 2

Submitted by shirlie williams May 17th, 2011
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While sorting through my pictures I came across some more that I took of the Piskie Garden in Cornwall,thats my gnome I brought at the back sitting on the toadstool.

One thing I found even more incredible  was the fact that among all the gnomes and piskie, were memorial stones for pets to place in your garden.

The owner of this wonderful display, sits under her gazebo and works away all day during the spring/summer months.

This just kills me, a memorial stone  guarded by gnomes baring their bottoms and the gnomes to the right have no knickers on !!

I love the way she kept the natural colour of the donkey and then gave it a crazy coloured mane.

This when things get more confusing…

Then onto something more classical

and back again the gnomes

The table was not for sale, I shall make my own…

3 Responses to “Piskie Garden Mevagissey Part 2”

  1. Michael Ely

    I’m in gnome heaven looking at these pics. I love gnomes and would love to have a gnome baring his bottom (but I’ve never seen one around here). Just added some tacky solar lights shaped like flowers to my own gnome garden so it will be better lit at night (when the fairies come out).