Mold-A-Rama @ The Henry Ford

Submitted by Nessa May 19th, 2011
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At the end of March, two of my dear friends got married, and I was a bridesmaid in their wedding in Troy, MI.  Of course, being so close to Detroit/Dearborn, I had to go have some fun while I was up there!  So, I went to the Henry Ford Museum.  The museum is great for a number of reasons, so many important pieces of history.. and more CARS than you can shake a stick at.  It is an A+, beautiful, interactive and fun museum and I really recommend it to EVERYONE.  If you have a chance, GO!!   However, I knew it had something else I wanted.. something more than history and science…

MOLD-A-RAMA!   A lot of them!  Eleven of them, in fact.

I can’t tell you how much I love Mold-A-Rama, haha.

You can get a bust of Washington or Lincoln, in delicious-smelling hot plastic!

Or how about a Carousel horse?

Perhaps you prefer Rosa Parks’ Bus?

To remind you of this!

Or the 1952 Wienermobile?!  (Probably their most popular Mold-A-Rama, there was a line)

To remind you of this!

Or a bust of Lincoln?

To remind you of this?

Here comes my weinermobile!

This sign says “COLLECT ALL 10!”  But it is wrong.. there are 11 machines, because the Bust of Washington isn’t on this sign… and I’m pretty sure I saw all the others.

I didn’t get them all, because I wanted an excuse to come back when I am up there again in November and get the rest of them!

I should mention that the Henry Ford also has a ton of Penny-Crushing machines, another one of my favorite things to collect.

Mold-A-Rama is the best souvenir ever!  Everyone should try one at least once.

I will post a better photo of all my Mold-a-Rama toys soon. =)

15 Responses to “Mold-A-Rama @ The Henry Ford”

  1. Allee Willis

    I haven’t been to this museum since I was 10 but your post has me all excited to hit it the next time I’m back in Detroit. How can you not love a place that has ELEVEN Mold-A-Rama machines??????!

    i’m totally getting Rosa Parks’ bus and the Wienermobile.

    I was obsessed with penny-crushing machines as a kid. I’m sure this was where I got my pennies crushed too.

    • Nessa

      I’m glad you liked the post! And thanks for the Classique! I’m sure you will enjoy the sound and rumble these things make when they’re in action, they are well worth the price.

      I’ll have to make a separate post dedicated to crushed pennies, haha.

  2. Kyle Dayton

    Mold-A-Rama heaven!

    I used to love the ones that they had at the Brookfield Zoo in Illinois, which is the state I used to live in before my parents moved us to Michigan. Thank you for reminding me, I’d totally forgotten what these machines were called.

    I also had a lot of fun at the Henry Ford Museum, in decades past. From your photos, it certainly looks like it’s grown immensely since I’ve been there.

    • Nessa

      The Henry Ford Museum is hyooge! And it was still partially closed for the winter when I was there, so it is even bigger than what I got to see. I was so happy they had so many Mold-a-Rama machines, I wasn’t expecting so many of them.

  3. Douglas Wood

    Wow– seeing this brought back memories I didn’t even know were there. I know I used the mold-a-rama as a kid but can’t remember where. Maybe the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago? I think it was a bust of Lincoln, so maybe it was in Springfield, Illinois…

    • Nessa

      Both Chicago zoos have Mold-A-Rama machines, as does the Field Museum and the Museum of Science & Industry. The Brookfield Zoo has the most of any location in the country, I think. I’ve snagged Mold-a-Rama from everywhere in Chicago except the Lincoln Park Zoo.

      • Lisa Rios

        As a kid growing up in Chicago I definitely got a Mold-a-Rama at the Brookfield Zoo & Museum of Science & Industry. I used to love those damn things!

  4. Douglas Wood

    Yeah, Nessa– it was probably from the Brookfield Zoo as I had many field trips there. Lisa– didn’t know you grew up in Chicago– where did you go to high school? (I’m from Evanston.)

    • Lisa Rios

      Left the Chicago area around the age of 9. I was brought home to Des Plaines but also lived in Park Ridge & Skokie. When my dad came home and told us that he was being transferred to Los Angeles, I believe my reply was, “I’ll pack my bags.” Normally moves were very hard on me but I was eager to go to La La Land!

      • Douglas Wood

        I lived on the border of Skokie and Evanston– what years did you live there? I moved out to L.A. in 1985 and have to say, after suffering those Chicago winters, I’ll probably never go back.

        • Lisa Rios

          Lived in the Chicago burbs from 1967 to 1978. I lived in L.A. for nearly 20 years without seeing snow on the ground. (Saw it in the distance on the foothills only.) Finally someone dragged me to Denver for Xmas. Not my favorite. I live on the coast of Oregon now. I’ll never go back to snow.

  5. Michael Ely

    There used to be a Mold-a-Rama machine at the famous Hollywood Chinese Theater (home of the footprints in cement) that produced a molded Oscar statue. I have mine packed away somewhere. I think it is pink.