Now I want some Saag Paneer

Submitted by Iamfluff May 25th, 2011
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I was going to try to explain myself but there are no words. I have fallen head over heels in love with one of Bollywood’s brightest shinging stars! Behold Shammi Kapoor!

Just get a taste of each of these videos ( I am lacking my pilfer/edit software or I would have made a tasting menu video) no need to watch them all the way through (unless you just can’t turn away!)

Shammi, always in love.


Mr. Smooooth

And my favorite probably because my love for India was likely inspired by the Beatles who raised me.

His ability to be over the top AND sincere is just magical. There is a series of more recent interviews called “Shammi Unplugged”  which I believe he produced himself. They have commericals at the top but you can skip them.

I think I would really like this man. I just had to share my new hero!  His love for the internet made me think of you Allee. Now I am going to watch the rest of these unplugged segments.

And get some Saag Paneer

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  1. Allee Willis

    I’m racing out of the house and am on insane deadline today so don’t have time to watch these right now but have no doubt that your taste is impeccable when it comes to over-the-top cheese-smothered video goodness. So once I get done tonight with Oprah’s final show, which I’ve TiVoed today, I shall follow it up with this massive dollop of Indian nourishment. And I do think I will have Saag Paneer for lunch. Can’t wait to see!!!

  2. Iamfluff

    Please note “Shinging” is a combination of “shining ” and “singing” …OK I made that up, it was a typo. But he is shining and singing! I really hope you all enjoy – this may be an acquired taste but Shammi opens my Kitsch Chakras! And I am working on a piece of Fluffart that expresses this.

  3. Iamfluff

    Is that a pit stain under his arm? :-D I took a Bhangra dancing class years ago with my sister. I’m not so good at Indian dancing, I’m better at Indian cooking… but I’m best at Indian eating.
    Glad you love Shammi! It seems each video I find is better than the last. He makes me smile so hard my face hurts. And he grew up to be such a lovely old man.
    Namaste Shammi Ji

    • windupkitty

      Indian eating is most important anyway….

      wow, I’ve never attempted any sort of dancing, but I LOVE to watch it!

      I studied tabla and dumbek for a couple of years when I was in highschool…kinda went through a fascination with all things indian…used to rent shammi kapoor videos from the local indian shops and restaurants, but i’m so remiss in finding them now that they are probably readily available! So great to watch the snippets you posted….I spent a good chunk of time in the hospital ahwile ago and if I Love Lucy wasn’t on the ube, then it was the Indian Channel…mostly modern stuff, but utterly cool and on weekends, the old shows came on….absolutely cool!

  4. Iamfluff

    My sister and I had a mission when we first got VCRs (in the early 80s) we recorded I Love Lucy Episodes so that if one of us was in the hospital the other could bring the healing powers of Lucy.

    • windupkitty

      That’s awesome……can’t beat that kind of love! Healing powers of Lucy can not be questioned….Who needs studies about it?! It just works…Lucy always reminds me of ironing clothes at 9 am with my mother…well, ok, I was sitting on the floor, under the ironing board staring up at he black and white tv, not knowing the show itself was black and white! :) ahhhhh syndication……